This season is all about Earthy Natural hair.

Think Mother Nature meets hair!  Enhance your natural beauty with rich and warm tones that mimic fallen autumn leaves, think terracotta, brassy reds, ashy blondes and deep warm chocolates to be bang on trend for this A/W 16.

Style your ‘natural’ new colour with 1970’s vibe big, curly locks and an untamed, backcombed finishing.

The cold and windy season is extremely damaging to your hair. Ensure you maintain your new locks by popping in to ‘Evoke Creative Hair’ for a super conditioning hair treatment.

Finish your look off with salt spray or curl enhancing sprays to keep your locks voluminous and texturized as thick and healthy hair with a natural shine or soft wooly texture is the look of the season. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 13.09.36.png