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Rose Quartz Hair

The colour predicting gods Pantone have once again made its influential Colour of the Year prediction for the months ahead, with Rose Quartz and Serenity being chosen as the favoured shades for 2016. These colours influence everything from colour of cars to clothes on the runway and hair colour is no different, the latest hot trend is pastel pink hair representing the rose quartz.

Rose Quartz and Serenity provide a welcome ‘contrast to the current restless and hectic lives people are living right now’, Pantone explains. Evoking a sense of calmness, fluidity and balance, the fusion of these shades provide the perfect antidote to busy modern life.

For the rose quartz hair colour trend it’s playful, it's light years away from the boring everyday hair colour. With all the current celebrities colouring their hair pink including Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. At Evoke we love the pastel pink hair trend at the weekend one of our faithful clients went this lovely pastel pink.


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Coachella 2016 Hair Trends

This years Coachella provided us with some serious hair inspiration, and we are loving the rainbow hair and 90's double bun.

First of all, the double bun! Many of our favourite celebs were rocking the double bun this year taking inspiration from a very 90's Gwen Stafani. We have three different styles to talk about, relaxed and messy, elegant and pretty and bold and daring! First off we have Kendall Jenner's brunette buns which were a relaxed, easy going look very achievable and wearable to any festivals you may be attending this year. We also saw style blogger Chiara Ferragni giving us some half up, half down double buns, perfect for both long and short hair if you want something a little more feminine.

Finally we adored Katy Perry's candy floss pink buns which were slick, smooth and tidy. If you're wanting to go bold this summer then that is definitely the look for you! You can achieve any of these three looks this festival season all you will need is a brush, some hair ties and some Schwarzkopf Silhouette hairspray to hold everything in place!

Tip: You can add glitter to your roots if you want a little something special to your look.


Lastly we saw some amazing rainbow braids from Kylie Jenner. Following on from our love of Irene Kim's rainbow hair we think after seeing Kylie's bold braids the multicoloured style will be all the rage this season!

Digital Perm: How It Works

What is a digital perm?

A digital perm is a new technique of creating a shiny and bouncy wave to your hair.
As a new trend-setting hairstyling treatment, the digital perm uses temperature controlled rods that are all powered by a machine with a digital display(hence the name).

The biggest difference between other perms techniques and the digital perm is the shape and texture of the wave created.
A normal perm is known for creating very tight curls which were very popular in the 1980s and makes the waves more prominent when the hair is wet.

A digital perm creates the wave as if you have used a curling iron and makes the wave more prominent when the hair is dry against a normal perm.
Digital perms also thermally recondition the hair which is a similar process to a straightening perm. Your hair will often feel softer, smoother and shinier after digital perm treatment if you don't have any other chemical process.



Q, Will a digital perm damage my hair?

Digital Perm would damage your hair to some extent which depends on the current condition of your hair. Digital Perm inolves chemical treatments and the heating process, through it's gentle thermal reconditions your hair; leaving it smooth and shiny.


Q, How long does the process take?

It normally takes approximately 3 hours, depending on your hair condition, length and density. Your hair may have to be cut beforehand so that Digital Perm would create nicer and cleaner waves.


Q, How long does the wave/curls last?

It also depends on the condition of your hair and the style you want to achieve.

If the hair condition is good then it normally would last around 3-6 months.


Q, Does a digital perm work on bleached hair?

By using a solution for highly damaged hair, it is possible to do a Digital Perm on bleached hair but the results will not be as nice as unbleached hair. You may find the texture to be quite rough.


Q, Is it suitable for short hair?

Digital Perm is normally suitable for medium to long hair. If there is not enough length, the digital perm will not to able to create big waves.


Q, Does a digital perm give extra the volume from the roots?

Digital Perm gives little volume to the root of the hair. It cannot be applied too close to your scalp for safety reasons, due it it's use of heated rods. 

Q. Can I have permanent colour and Digital Perm done at the same time?

We don't recommend applying both at the same time. However, semi-permanent colour is applicable and permanent colour can be applied only for the root touch-up. It doesn't give much damage to you hair in this way.

Q. How often can I have digital permdone?

It depends on your hair condition Digital Perm normally lasts for 3-6 months.

Q.How long do I have to wait before shampooing?

You need to wait 48 hours to neutralise your hair. If your hair gets wet, you should dry your hair immediately.