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I never thought I’d dye my hair an ‘unnatural’ colour again after the dramas of being a teenager and experimenting with every hair colour under the sun. Each one looking worse than the last time I might add. But, I’m a grown up now and I can go to proper salons and get proper hairdressers to sort my hair out and I’ve realised that this is 100% the best way to go. I’ll never home-dye my hair again, it’s just not worth the stress, the mess and the disappointing results.

was invited down to Evoke Creative Hair in Nottingham to have a little colour spruce up and I was really excited. I wanted a change from my ombre dip dye that I’ve been rocking for almost a year. I originally planned to still keep the ombre but go for a grey dip dye. But, we decided to go the whole way and go grey all over with a few surprise snippets of under colour. I chose purple, blue and turquoise – mermaid colours.

he salon is really really cool, there’s a men’s clothing store tucked away in the basement near the hair wash basins and it’s realy industrial and cool. I did get a little bit lonely after only looking at myself in a mirror for about 6 hours but when I was able to sit upstairs and get my hair cut after my colour was done I could really appreciate how cool the salon is. It’s also a barbers and I think it’s more popular for this than for girls’ hair but I’ll definitely be going back when my roots come through and getting a touch up and maybe even another colour. The beauty with grey hair is my hair will fade to a light blonde and then I can add whatever pastel shade I fancy on top! What’s next? I won’t lie to you, I’ll probably indulge my inner 14 year old and go for pink hair because I think I’ve always secretly wanted it!

’d massively recommend Evoke for stripping out colour and taking you from brown to grey in one sitting. They know exactly what they’re doing and my hair’s still in great condition. We used a lower strength of bleach and did two applications to make sure my hair still stayed healthy and it sure still is as healthy as it was when I walked in. It’s probably in better condition and it’s definitely looks 100% better.



Last week, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Eliane Fernandes who's known for her online presence as fashion blogger, BlogDaelli. 

Eliane decided to tackle the "Granny Hair" trend. It's the unlikely hair tend of the year, but over the past few months, it's been inescapable. Silver hair hues are taking social media, with bloggers and celebrities embracing the grey that we've always seemed to loathe. Hair stylists are noticing a rise in requests for this modern hair trend, and it's safe to say, the results are always amazing. Furthermore, not only has this trend taken over women's hair, it's also been adapted by many male celebrities too. George Clooney, for example, has always been known to rock the 'Silver Stallion' look, and has never let his age get in the way of his looks. Other celebrities such as BigBang's T.O.P and model Lucky Blue Smith have also proven that whiter hair can look amazing.

It has the ability to suit almost every hair style or length and the hues can be adopted to best suit your skin tone; ranging from dark grey to striking silver.



We were incredibly happy that Eliane was pleased with her transformation, and thankful for all her kind words regarding our salon.



Treatments used:

Standard Wash + Cut, Hair Colouring and Olaplex Treatment.


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