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Welcome back you beautiful bunch!


If you follow me on Instagram (@lanaskyecaven) then you're bound to be aware that I recently had my hair done! No, it wasn't just a bouncy blow dry or a trim, this time I went all out. 

I've only ever had colour on my hair once before, mainly because my mam has always told me to embrace my natural colour, but I fancied a change.

'Evoke Creative Hair' is located on 9 Kings Walk in the very heart of Nottingham.


I knew I was in safe hands the minute I walked through the door. 

Within seconds I was offered a drink of my choosing and seated in an extremely comfy chair (believe me, this is so important when you know you're going to be in the same spot for hours on end).

evokehair nottingham

I had a consultation with Senior Stylist Ling before any products touched my head. This for me was so reassuring, I can't think of anything worse than a hairdresser diving in without properly understanding what their customer wants. 


Not long after this, I was introduced to Director Seno and Technician Jamila. All three of these amazing people spent over 5 hours of their day working on and perfecting my hair. Hats off to them!


This was the result...

balayageevokecreativehair nottingham

I promise you I'm not just saying it. I am well and truly obsessed with my new hair do.



One thing a lot of people don't know about 'Evoke', is that they're also home to premium Menswear label '&Blanc Fashion'. 

Their ethos is simple - to promote fresh and exciting independent fashion brands, whilst providing customers with a retail experience they will never forget. They achieve this through their unique combination of fashion clothing, hair styling and coffee.


'Evoke' and '&Blanc' see bridging the gap between hair styling and fashion as their key drive and mission. After being in their space for multiple hours, I've realised that it really does work. 

The staff are friendly and polite from the outset. This in itself makes a massive difference.

If you live in or are perhaps visiting Nottingham - I implore you to pop in, even if its just to have a look around their store which is located downstairs. As for the hair side of things, if you're thinking about getting anything done then I couldn't recommend 'Evoke' enough!


Visit their websites below to find out more about them:


Love, Lana Skye x 


Photo Credit: Lana Skye, & Blanc Fashion, Evoke Creative Hair. 


I never thought I’d dye my hair an ‘unnatural’ colour again after the dramas of being a teenager and experimenting with every hair colour under the sun. Each one looking worse than the last time I might add. But, I’m a grown up now and I can go to proper salons and get proper hairdressers to sort my hair out and I’ve realised that this is 100% the best way to go. I’ll never home-dye my hair again, it’s just not worth the stress, the mess and the disappointing results.

was invited down to Evoke Creative Hair in Nottingham to have a little colour spruce up and I was really excited. I wanted a change from my ombre dip dye that I’ve been rocking for almost a year. I originally planned to still keep the ombre but go for a grey dip dye. But, we decided to go the whole way and go grey all over with a few surprise snippets of under colour. I chose purple, blue and turquoise – mermaid colours.

he salon is really really cool, there’s a men’s clothing store tucked away in the basement near the hair wash basins and it’s realy industrial and cool. I did get a little bit lonely after only looking at myself in a mirror for about 6 hours but when I was able to sit upstairs and get my hair cut after my colour was done I could really appreciate how cool the salon is. It’s also a barbers and I think it’s more popular for this than for girls’ hair but I’ll definitely be going back when my roots come through and getting a touch up and maybe even another colour. The beauty with grey hair is my hair will fade to a light blonde and then I can add whatever pastel shade I fancy on top! What’s next? I won’t lie to you, I’ll probably indulge my inner 14 year old and go for pink hair because I think I’ve always secretly wanted it!

’d massively recommend Evoke for stripping out colour and taking you from brown to grey in one sitting. They know exactly what they’re doing and my hair’s still in great condition. We used a lower strength of bleach and did two applications to make sure my hair still stayed healthy and it sure still is as healthy as it was when I walked in. It’s probably in better condition and it’s definitely looks 100% better.

Digital Perm: How It Works

What is a digital perm?

A digital perm is a new technique of creating a shiny and bouncy wave to your hair.
As a new trend-setting hairstyling treatment, the digital perm uses temperature controlled rods that are all powered by a machine with a digital display(hence the name).

The biggest difference between other perms techniques and the digital perm is the shape and texture of the wave created.
A normal perm is known for creating very tight curls which were very popular in the 1980s and makes the waves more prominent when the hair is wet.

A digital perm creates the wave as if you have used a curling iron and makes the wave more prominent when the hair is dry against a normal perm.
Digital perms also thermally recondition the hair which is a similar process to a straightening perm. Your hair will often feel softer, smoother and shinier after digital perm treatment if you don't have any other chemical process.



Q, Will a digital perm damage my hair?

Digital Perm would damage your hair to some extent which depends on the current condition of your hair. Digital Perm inolves chemical treatments and the heating process, through it's gentle thermal reconditions your hair; leaving it smooth and shiny.


Q, How long does the process take?

It normally takes approximately 3 hours, depending on your hair condition, length and density. Your hair may have to be cut beforehand so that Digital Perm would create nicer and cleaner waves.


Q, How long does the wave/curls last?

It also depends on the condition of your hair and the style you want to achieve.

If the hair condition is good then it normally would last around 3-6 months.


Q, Does a digital perm work on bleached hair?

By using a solution for highly damaged hair, it is possible to do a Digital Perm on bleached hair but the results will not be as nice as unbleached hair. You may find the texture to be quite rough.


Q, Is it suitable for short hair?

Digital Perm is normally suitable for medium to long hair. If there is not enough length, the digital perm will not to able to create big waves.


Q, Does a digital perm give extra the volume from the roots?

Digital Perm gives little volume to the root of the hair. It cannot be applied too close to your scalp for safety reasons, due it it's use of heated rods. 

Q. Can I have permanent colour and Digital Perm done at the same time?

We don't recommend applying both at the same time. However, semi-permanent colour is applicable and permanent colour can be applied only for the root touch-up. It doesn't give much damage to you hair in this way.

Q. How often can I have digital permdone?

It depends on your hair condition Digital Perm normally lasts for 3-6 months.

Q.How long do I have to wait before shampooing?

You need to wait 48 hours to neutralise your hair. If your hair gets wet, you should dry your hair immediately.



Here at Evoke Creative, we are very pleased to welcome a new barber to our store, Daniel.

He has years of experience within the industry and we are sofortunate to have in working within our store.

As of right now, we are offering gents cuts with Daniel at just £15 for a limited time only.

So, get booking your latest trim now whilst you can.