Colour Envy: Kylie Jenner

Colour Envy: Kylie Jenner

Social media it-girl, Kylie Jenner is a main source of our hair inspiration here at Evoke Creative. She's been green, blue, had long beach waves, and rocked a messy lob. Whatever she does, it works; and it works well. So, we've compiled a list of our personal favourite Kylie Jenner looks, and how to achieve them.



The Best of Both Worlds

The 'bronde' look has been favoured by many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and it's the perfect way to brighten up brunette hair for the summer. 

In bronde hair, strands of blonde and brunette hair mingle and flow together. Added highlights in two or more shades which sit close to the natural hair coloir. Brunettes can achieve the bronde hair by adding slightly lighter strands of hair. Depending on the starting hair colours, blondes achieve the sun-kissed brunette look by colouring strands of the hair darker. Golden blonde and light brown are colour options, but, this will depend on your natural hair colour.

This type of look works all all hair types and hair lengths, and is available right here in our salon through our Balayage treatment. Fabulous hand painted highlights to create a natural glow throughout your hair. 



glam grey

Thought going grey was a nightmare? Think again. Many women look great with grey hair, many men are seen to be stylish with grey hair.

The grey hair trend has proved very popular over the last few months, with many celebrities adopting this look. The likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna & Kate Moss have all followed in this trend, and designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel and many more have all used grey-haired models for their catwalks.



Out of the Blue

For those who are feeling slightly more adventurous with their hair, the aqua hair is a perfect way to go, and a personal favourite of mine.

Distressed and muted tones of aqua, blue, neon green and navy bring a colourful edge to darker hairstyles. Tones vary from singular to a mismatch of hues, worked in from the roots to the tips or left as an ombré effect. Roots are visible throughout for a grunge-inspired finish and styles are generally unkempt and flyaway. 




how to achieve these looks


 At Evoke Creative Hair, we have a wide range of coloured dyes to help you achieve whatever colour you desire. Furthermore, to keep your hair strong & healthy after colouring, we offer the Olaplex treatment.

Olaplex redefines coloured hair, making your hair stronger and looking healthier. The new BOND multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage due to chemicals.

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So, What Exactly Is Balayage And Why Do We Love It?

We've spoken to Jack Howard, international colourist based at Paul Edmonds, to get some professional insight on this booming hair trend.


Q, What is balayage? 

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour - similar to what nature gives us as children - with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. 


Q, How is it applied? 

Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise you would have a streak of colour that isn’t vey soft at all. It can also be called a freehand technique because no foil or meche are used to create the highlights.


Q, What sets it apart from traditional hair colouring? 

It’s totally bespoke to you! A good balayage expert will be able to place the colour to suit your skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up your features. 



Q, What's making it so popular recently? 

It’s a skilled technique that hasn’t been widely taught in the UK until recently. Now it’s becoming better known because all the models and A-listers are wearing it. Clients are seeing it on the catwalks and red carpets and want to get that finish rather than the uniform highlights that foils give.



Q, Does it require a lot of maintenance? 

Very little. It grows out beautifully and more naturally so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line and and can wear it for longer between appointments. All you really need to do is protect it as you would any other colour: use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, regular treatments and heat protection when styling.


Q, Is it suitable for all hair types/lengths? 

It works on both light and dark hair, so anyone really. Both Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are great examples of balayage poster girls. I’m currently doing a technique called ‘bronde’ popular amongst celebs such as Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo. It's the perfect combination of brown and blonde tones, bronde is perfect for darker haired clients who want to try out a lighter colour, it can be warm neutral or cool. The choice is really between you and your colourist. Balayage pretty much works for all lengths except very short cropped hair.

Q, What makes it timeless? 

It's low maintenance, looks more bespoke, more natural, and is a modern technique that’s much more flattering. Healthy hair is attractive hair and that’ll never go out of fashion. Balayage gives a gorgeous healthy finish that looks nature-enhanced, glossy and expensive. It can be natural or strong, whatever you want, it’s all about the application technique. 


Spring Summer 16 London Hair Trends | Tousled Waves

Beach waves create an easy, laidback look, with long, tumbling hair that is air-dried with the fingers for an imperfect finish. Partings are just off centre and waves vary from subtle bends to large, loose curls with detail concentrated at the back of the head.


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